At this time, TCS is not accepting admissions inquiries for Infants through Pre-K 2 students. Inquiries for students who are 3 or 4 years old by 9/1/2023 may be submitted.

The Cathedral School Offers Superior Curricula

We are fortunate to live in a time when so much information about early childhood, child development and individual learning styles is available. Furthermore, we have ongoing research studies that provide new and up-to-date methods. At The Cathedral School, we incorporate this information to assist us in doing our best to help our children grow and learn to their fullest.

Learning to read is critical for success. It is never too soon to being reinforcing prereading skills. When a child enters our program, we begin a systematic program that enthusiastically incorporates talking, singing, reading, signing and playing into the day. This approach emphasizes specific sounds, words, symbols, phrases and sentences. Each of these aspects is a piece to the phonemic awareness “puzzle,” which builds the foundation for reading.

Children also learn phonological awareness through their own verbal and non-verbal language, including spoken, written, and gestured communication. Soon they can begin to use more formal language to express themselves and to learn about the world they live in. Early on our children are regularly encouraged to use [their] words.  A child’s first attempts at language usually include words that label, classify, identify and position. Our staff reinforces these emergent efforts and the messages delivered. The ability to read does not “just happen.”  It requires rich multi-modality experiences at a young age.

We have assembled a wonderfully talented faculty to implement our superior curricula, which include the High Reach, DLM Early Childhood Express from the McGraw-Hill Group and ELLM. These classroom curricula are designed to meet each child at a level consistent with the individual student‘s developmental level. Challenging, hands-on strategies combine with educational discovery centers to provide a well-rounded, multi-modal approach to learning. The intention of the curriculum is to prepare “the total child” for the next levels of learning within a positive and nurturing educational environment.

Admissions Inquiries

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